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Thoughts on movies, music, comics and stuff.

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    The Ultimates #1 Writer – Al Ewing Artist – Kenneth Rocafort Colours – Dan Brown There have been a few different iterations of this team over the last decade or more and […]

    The Ultimates #1kite44The Ultimates #1Hellbreak #8The Ultimates #1kite44The Ultimates #1Hellbreak #8

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    The Shadow #4 Writer – Cullen Bunn Artist – Giovanni Timpano Colours – Marco Lesko With the latest issue of The Shadow, Cullen Bunn ties in H.P. Lovecraft to Houdini and the […]

    The Shadow #4kite44The Shadow #4The Uncanny Avengers #2The Shadow #4kite44The Shadow #4The Uncanny Avengers #2

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    New Avengers #3 Writer – Al Ewing Artist – Gerardo Sandoval Colours – Dono Sanchez Almara A while back, the Skrull Empire lost their focus and most of their population and most […]

    New Avengers #3kite44New Avengers #3Black Knight #1New Avengers #3kite44New Avengers #3Black Knight #1

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    The Mighty Thor #1 Writer – Jason Aaron Artist – Russell Dauterman Colours – Matthew Wilson Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino There has been a little controversy of late concerning this new […]

    The Mighty Thor #1kite44The Mighty Thor #1Harrow County #7The Mighty Thor #1kite44The Mighty Thor #1Harrow County #7

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    Innocence is a horror film that was released in 2013 and one that has very little horror in it. For the most part, the film is just a straight up drama about […]

    innocence 2013 5kite44innocence 2013 5innocence 2013 2innocence 2013 1innocence 2013 4innocence 2013 3innocence 2013 6innocence 2013 5kite44innocence 2013 5innocence 2013 2innocence 2013 1innocence 2013 4innocence 2013 3innocence 2013 6

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    If only this had been made – Carrie, the Game of Sweet Revenge by Parker Brothers (via Kindertrauma).  How much fun would this game have been?!?


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    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 Writer – Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder Artist – Natacha Bustos Colours – Tamra Bonvillain Letters – VC’s Travis Lanham Lunella Lafayette is smarter than everyone else. […]

    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1kite44Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1kite44Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2

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    Watching a horror film, you do so usually for one express purpose, namely to get your blood pumping a little and to make yourself frightened. Why people do as such is strange […]

    cult_of_cobra_poster_01kite44cult_of_cobra_poster_01cult_of_cobra_03_2cult_of_cobra_07Cult of the Cobra1cult_of_cobra_poster_01kite44cult_of_cobra_poster_01cult_of_cobra_03_2cult_of_cobra_07Cult of the Cobra1

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    Tremors, released in 1990, should not be a great film.  From start to finish it is pure schlock, but it is the kind of schlock that gains cult status and ultimately transforms […]

    tremors_poster_01kite44tremors_poster_01Tremors 2Tremors 1Tremors 3giant-creature-xmas-2tremors_poster_01kite44tremors_poster_01Tremors 2Tremors 1Tremors 3giant-creature-xmas-2

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    Invincible Iron Man #4 Writer – Brian Michael Bendis Artist – David Marquez Colours – Justin Ponsor Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles It always seems a little unfair when Iron Man fights […]

    Invincible Iron Man #4kite44Invincible Iron Man #4Nailbiter #18Invincible Iron Man #4kite44Invincible Iron Man #4Nailbiter #18

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    With nary a Kevin Bacon in sight, the sequel to Tremors finds Fred Ward in the lead role, reprising his role as Earl and a man down on his luck. After the […]

    Tremors 2 1kite44Tremors 2 1Tremors 2 3Tremors 2 2giant-creature-xmas-7Tremors 2 1kite44Tremors 2 1Tremors 2 3Tremors 2 2giant-creature-xmas-7

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    All-New X-Men #1 Writer – Dennis Hopeless Artist – Mark Bagley Inker – Andrew Hennessy Colours – Nolan Woodward Letters – VC’s Cory Petit Cyclops is not having an easy time of […]

    All-New X-Men #1kite44All-New X-Men #1The October Faction #11All-New X-Men #1kite44All-New X-Men #1The October Faction #11

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    Up From the Depths is not a good film. It is about as far away from the definition of good as you can get. Yet, the film is so bad and so […]

    up_from_depths_poster_01kite44up_from_depths_poster_01up from the depths 1up from the depths 2up from the depths 3giant-creature-xmas-9up_from_depths_poster_01kite44up_from_depths_poster_01up from the depths 1up from the depths 2up from the depths 3giant-creature-xmas-9

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    Taking people’s natural fear of snakes, as most people tend to be afraid of them, and multiplying it exponentially, Anaconda aims to scare the living daylights out of viewers and would have […]

    anaconda 1kite44anaconda 1anaconda 2anaconda 3giant-creature-xmas-10anaconda 1kite44anaconda 1anaconda 2anaconda 3giant-creature-xmas-10

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    Amazing Spider-Man #4 Writer – Dan Slott Artist – Giuseppe Camuncoli Inker – Cam Smith Colours – Marte Gracia The Zodiac are about to make their move and Spidey and S.H.I.E.L.D. are […]

    Amazing Spider-Man #4kite44Amazing Spider-Man #4Harrow County #8Amazing Spider-Man #4kite44Amazing Spider-Man #4Harrow County #8

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    By this second sequel to the original film, the concept seemed to run out of steam a little as it failed to do anything new with the Graboids. Kevin Bacon failed to […]


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    Though Hunt for the Blood Orchid is the second of the Anaconda movies, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the first film which was a good thing as the first one […]


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  • 12/17/15--03:45: Issue by Issue – Rom #63
  • With a Wraith horde on his doorstep, it did not take Forge long to backtrack and agree to save the planet from the menace that the Dire Wraiths represent.  First though, he […]

    rom #63kite44rom #63rom #63kite44rom #63

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    By all rights, you have to love the third installment of the Anaconda series because it stars The Hoff – David Hasselhoff.  Yet even with his presence in the film, it manages […]


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    There is really not a lot you can say about Tremors 4 that has not been said about the previous three. It is a prequel that takes place in 1889 and as […]


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