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Thoughts on movies, music, comics and stuff.

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    While The Horror Show is not exactly a sequel to House or House II: The Second Story, it was marketed internationally outside the United States as House III: The Horror Show. Sequel […]


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    Writer – Jack Kirby Artist – Jack Kirby Inker – Mike Royer Letters – Mike Royer Jack Kirby and Mike Royer send a new threat to tackle Jason Blood and his friend […]


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    With the third and final outing in the House series, or the fourth if one were to count The Horror Show, it was an attempt to capture the magic of the first […]


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    When thinking of trashy films, it is hard not to think about Point of Terror released in 1971. For the most part, it could be called awful, but it is so hilariously […]

    Point of Terror 1kite44Point of Terror 1kite44

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    The Curse is an imaginative exercise in horror based upon H.P. Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space, a film that goes for the jugular with some extremely visceral images, forgoing all subtlety […]

    The Curse 1kite44The Curse 1kite44

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    There is nothing worse than being bitten by a snake and then seeing your left arm transform into one. It grows a mind of its own, refuses to listen and starts killing […]

    Curse 2-3kite44Curse 2-3kite44

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    After some alien goo and a mutated snake-man, there was only one obvious place for the Curse series to go – a blood sacrifice. The story finds the main character Elizabeth as […]

    Curse III-1kite44Curse III-1kite44

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    Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice states things pretty definitively, yet truly, for this is the final movie in the series. Originally filmed in 1988 and titled Catacombs, it was shelved for a […]

    Curse IV 1kite44Curse IV 1kite44

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    Psycho Cop is not your average horror film; it is in fact a very bad horror, not being a particularly scary picture but a terrible movie in general. There is little to […]

    Psycho Cop 1kite44Psycho Cop 1kite44

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    Writer – Jack Kirby Artist – Jack Kirby Inker – Mike Royer Letters – Mike Royer Once again, Merlin has summoned forth his servant to stop another fiend from killing innocents. Sadly, […]

    The Demon #4kite44The Demon #4kite44

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    One would think that one Psycho Cop movie would be enough, but they would be wrong and thus the reason for Psycho Cop Returns released in 1993. It is by all accounts, […]

    Psycho Cop Returns 1kite44Psycho Cop Returns 1kite44

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    The Creators – R.L. Stine – Writer, German Peralta, Daniel Johnson – Artist, Rachelle Rosenberg, Mat Lopes – Colours, VC’s Travis Lanham – Letters The Players – Man-Thing (Ted Sallis) The Story […]

    Man-Thing #1kite44Man-Thing #1kite44

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    It Came From the 80’s gets a third mix courtesy of Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture, loaded with eerie synth-filled tracks, taking one back to those great horror-soaked films of yore. A […]

    80s 3kite4480s 3kite44

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    Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss as they say and that could be true, except when it comes from an aunt or sister or mother who is trying to pass down […]

    The Kiss 1kite44The Kiss 1kite44

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    Maniac Cop released in 1988 is a horror film that finds a policeman betrayed by the system that he believed in and as such, takes his frustrations and his rage out upon […]

    Maniac Cop 1kite44Maniac Cop 1kite44

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    Continuing straight off from the end of the first Maniac Cop feature film, the second installment finds heroes Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon believing Officer Cordell to be dead, despite his missing […]

    Maniac Cop 2-1kite44Maniac Cop 2-1kite44

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    When a horror franchise about an unstoppable killer breaks out the voodoo, it is quite obvious that in trying to keep things fresh, the makers of the series are running out of […]

    Maniac Cop 3-7kite44Maniac Cop 3-7kite44

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    Muscleman Mickey Hargitay stars as a recluse who wants nothing more than to be left alone in the big, old castle that he purchased a number of years ago to get away […]

    Bloody Pit of Horror 2kite44Bloody Pit of Horror 2kite44

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  • 03/29/17--03:57: Pulptastic! – Horror 12

  • horror12-1kite44horror12-1kite44

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    Writer – Jack Kirby Artist – Jack Kirby Inker – Mike Royer Letters – Mike Royer In one corner there is Merlin and the Demon and in the other stands Ugly Meg […]

    The Demon #5kite44The Demon #5kite44

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